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I am working for an US based company in India. I've appeared twice for a Business visa interview in June and August 2018, scheduled by my employer. I got rejected with a verbal reason "Your application is not eligible under this category of Visa" and a formal 214(b).

When I was asked about my plans in the US, I said that I'm going to oversee an implementation of our new software in a client location. And the Immigration officer asked me whether I am going to help in the implementation, I said yes. He immediately replied that my application is not eligible under this category of Visa.

My employer wants me to attend a training in one of our branches in the US, which will be useful for an upcoming project that we are going to work on. Since its just 3 months from when I got rejected, do you think this move is a good idea?

  1. What are the chances of my new application being approved?
  2. Would these rejections be a black mark in my future visa applications? I am planning to apply for a H1-B visa later down the line, in an year or two.

Thank you.

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Application for training under B visa is appropriate and will be approved. The previous plan suggests an H1B category plan for which a B visa was being applied for. Don't worry about rejections, an approval reverses all that.
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