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I applied for my Family tourist visa in the month of August 2018  and at that time my parents(Father and Mother) and my one sibling( Younger Sister) all were there.

I am on dependent visa H4 and My husband sponsored to my family for a tourist visa. that time visa got rejected by giving section 214B (by saying They not provided a valid reason for going).

after that, in the month of November 2018, I again applied for my Mother visa and now this time she was the only one for applying but still they rejected again by providing the same reason as above (Section 214B).

Question asked to her:

1) to whom you are going to visit there?

ans:  My Son in law and my Daughter.

2) Your son in law works on which visa?

ans: H1-B working visa

3) What is the work of your son in law?

ans: He work in ABC Company as a Software Engineer.

4) What is your husband JOB?

ans: He works in LIC Company as a Branch Manager.

5) what you do?

ans: I am housewife.

6) What is the reason for your visa cancellation last time?

ans: I don't know the exact reason but might be we are the whole family together applied with my younger daughter that might be the reason.

and they rejected again.

Here where we went wrong and can we apply again when and how and what should we say again?
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