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My husband's i140 has approved and he is going to concurrently file the h4 cos and h4 ead card for me. With this h4 ead card and the background of computer science master and MBA, I think it won't be too difficult for me to find a job which is willing to sponsor the h1b. But I am thinking should I ask my employer to apply for h1b or just wait for the green card from my husband, which might take 5 years.

The reason I want to apply for the h1b is that whether h4 ead card will be banned is uncertain. And if it is banned before our green card is approved, I might need to wait for a long period of time. I think the only drawback is that it might take a longer time for me to have a green card, compared to my husband.

What do you think of my idea? Is there anything else I need to consider? What is your suggestion?
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You can ask him to do both. It is not either or.  H4 EAD has a long way to go....You can file for H4 EAD concurrently for now and get things moving  and ask interested employer to file for H1B for next year in consular processing. So that you can use H4 EAD as long as you can and then go for stamping to move to H1B, if something goes wrong with H4 EAD.   You have many advantages with H4 EAD over H1B, so you can leverage them until you move to H1B.
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