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Hi guys,

Can you let me know by when USCIS will be responding to H1-B lottery selected petition? I was told by my employer in July that my petition has been selected in lottery and by September a decision will be made. It is now October and they are saying that till now there is no update on the petition. They have also got an affidavit signed by me saying that if my petition is selected and H1-B is granted and then I refuse to join(or leave within one year after joining), I will have to pay them few lakh rupees. I was expecting a decision to be made by September but it is already October and I can't wait for so long. I have already started looking for job in Singapore but if I get an offer from Singapore and after that they come to me saying that my petition is selected, then I will have to pay them the money. So can I expect decision to be made by December, January,  till when should I wait ? and can I refuse to pay them the money
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Bonded labor is not legal in US. US employments are always at-will. I am not sure about Indian jurisdiction.

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