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Hello all,

Does anyone have idea on what/how to write in the letter when responding to below questions in RFE. Appreciate if anyone can provide any template or overview of their response. 

    • A detailed statement explaining how the beneficiary obtained CPT employment at University XXX ; whether individually, through the school, or through an outside company or consultancy;
    • Evidence that the beneficiary's CPT is or was directly related to his major area of study

University said that employment letter with job description would be sufficient. any suggestion ? 

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Employment letter is important but not sufficient. A one page description that explains how you got the offer is important. You must explain company background named in the offer letter, what they do, their expertise, their recruitment method etc. Beneficiary CPT and major area of study linkage must be explained in detail. Here, letter from school or professors are helpful but you must supplement with your opinion of how the major is linked to CPT job area. You must provide technical details, and avoid common use language (for example tumor growth must be replaced with oncogenesis, radar development replaced with high frequency oscillator innovation etc etc)
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Thank you for your suggestion,
I have provided a document with project description and my responsibilities in bullet points. In responsibilities, for each point i have explained what i learned from my courses and how i have implemented(technical details) at work. would this be sufficient ? do i need to review this with attorney ?

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