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 I am a MS student in USA in my first semester. I want to apply F2 visa for my wife and two kids who will visit me in summer vacation only. I have following few queries about the F2 process and appreciate your help on it.

1. Is SEVIS (I-901) fees required for all my dependents.

2. Do we need to create three DS-160 for every dependent?

3. Who should be the primary applicant in DS-160 application. Me or the dependent?

4. Can I apply for group interview?


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1.  Yes, your DSO would issue Seperate I20 for each F2 dependent.  You can double check with DSO.

2.  Yes.

3. The dependent/ your spouse.

4. Yes.
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Hi Kumar,
Thank you for your answer. However I am still confused about question 1 and 3.

1. I have already paid SEVIS I-901 fees when I applied for my visa. I got I-20s for my dependents as well. Do I need to pay SEVIS again or the previously paid SEVIS receipt would work?

3. Regarding DS-160, the application ask for two SEVIS IDs. As mentioned below.
SEVIS ID of principal applicant:

So in this case, I should enter following data. correct?
SEVIS ID of principal applicant: <My SEVIS ID>


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