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My bad, i was in need to drop a big heavy box in my office and there was no parking, i parked in Physical handicapped - blue parking for 15 mins and when i cam back i got 460$ parking ticket, next month i am going to homeland for personal vacation and stamping / looking for drop box option. i will soon clear the ticket,  

Will this ticket going to impact anything on my stamping or if i choose drop box, will it be verified ? also, is there any impact on port of entry
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No, it should not impact in general. Something like DUI may have impact during Green Card process, but parking tickets, speeding tickets should be fine. Dont worry too much.
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Make sure that you pay the ticket before leaving. If the ticket was issued by law enforcement, it is considered a 'contact' and needs to be resolved. Like Kumar said, a ticket like DUI is more serious but when immigration computers run a check on your case, it will show 'unresolved police contact' and no further detail will be available. This will confuse immigration. Resolve it by paying the fine as soon as possible. If the ticket was issued by parking administration, resolve it before they send the matter to court.
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