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my visa is till dec 2018. my extension will be filled before dec 2018. my i94 expires in jan 2nd week of 2019.

my wife is pregnent and she will be 9th month in march.

if my visa got rejected after march, i cannot travel since my wife is ******** cannot travel in that situation.

so what are the options i have,

below are the one one i got from reading blags, but i dont have full information on that,

1) converting H1B to Vistor visa. suppose i convert to B1 visa for myself and wife and return to my country and if i want to come back in H1B, is that possible. or once i convert my H1B to B1, my H1B will be canclled.

2) overstaying upto 240 days.it means 8 months . so what will happen if overstay from jan 1 to june 30 2019. whether i need to produce any letter to USCIS.

Whether anyother option  is there to leave US once baby and mom are fine to travel.

if my visa got rejected, my insurance also will end. so what are the options for the mom and baby's treatment. anyone have idea on insurance in this issue.

Please help in this
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