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I'm on my F1 OPT and working. I'm trying to bring my spouse and kid on F2. 
Below are my details:

EAD Validity: till 06/10/2019
I had all supporting documents to support my case.

Below is the conversation with the Visa Office during the interview in US Consulate, Chennai, India.
Visa Officer: good afternoon. 
Me: Good afternoon

VO: When did your husband leave to the US for higher studies?
Me: Aug 2016

VO: When did u guys got married?
M : Feb 2016

VO: So just before leaving to the US, you guys got married?
M : yes

VO: what is the purpose of your visit?
M : To be with my husband. I am going with my kid to be with him as a family 

VO: So why didn?t u join him at that time (2016)?
M: I was working and also expecting a baby. So I couldn?t join him.

VO: How long will u stay there?
M: As long as he stays I will be with him.

VO: Are u planning to work there?
M: No.

VO: You mentioned working in 2016. For which company?
M : Tata consultancy services, Chennai

VO: What is your designation?
M : Business Analyst 

VO: If you are going there how will you continue your job?
M : I am on leave to take care of my baby and I will quit anytime now.Also, I am not interested to work further because I want to spend my time with family.

VO: Can I have your I20?
M : (gave it to him )

VO: (returned I20 along with passport ) Sorry I cannot approve your visa.
M : (collected what he gave ) Thanks.

Which answers raised the red flags?
What should be the right approach while reapplying? Any advice is appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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You can reapply. The answer to the question 'how long will you stay?' is 4-6 weeks.
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Thanks for your advice sir. So your advice is to say- even though I have 1 year of OPT visa, my spouse's intended stay would be for 1 or 2 months? Would this answer show that our intention is only to be a non immigrant?

Thanks in advance.
That is correct. Most 214b INA intent to immigrate rulings center around a dependent planning to stay for the full duration of OPT which is unacceptable. Your dependent needs to always show planned stay duration that is much lower
Thanks for your advice sir. If I show the intended stay as 3 months, would that affect the F2 visa duration or will it still depend on my F1 visa? Thanks again.
Intended stay should be 4-6 weeks only, not 3 months or a potential rejection could occur. F-2 duration will not be affected.
thanks for your advice.

Generally, how does the VO/interview officer see when the F2 dependent works (job in india) / doesn't work(resigned from work)?

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