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I am a direct employee for My employer (US Company) and working as an Electrical Engineer (Non-IT) with H1B visa (Valid 2020) and my primary work location is California. And my company considering sending to me in the East coast.

Now I want to know what the procedure for Location change within the same company.

1.Company Need to Apply for Location Change Amendment H1B Petition?

2.In case the Amendment H1B Petition denied, can I possible to work on my exiting primary Location?

3.If the Amendment H1B Petition denied, is there any affect my Visa status?


Can I possible to work like 3 months to stay in the East coast and back to California for a week and go back to the East coast without filing Amendment H1B Petition and maintain current LCA Status (I am a field engineer and I used to travel at least 15 days in a month out of states within the USA).



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