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I would like some advice on my visa situation: 

  • * Came to the USA in 2010 on F1 to pursue Masters in Computer Science 

  • * Graduated 2012 – worked on OPT until October 2014. H1B approved and stamped in November 2014. 

  • * Worked on H1B until July 2017, and moved back to F1 to pursue full-time MBA from a top-15 business school. Have 3.5 years pending on my H1B. 

  • * Will be graduating from business school in May 2019 

I interned with Deloitte Tech on a CPT past summer (July 2018), and will be going back full time next year. 

Considering I can’t request OPT after my MBA (since I already used my Masters OPT), I need to request Deloitte to process my change of status from F1 to H1B in one of 2 ways: 

  • 1. I try to graduate early (Mar’2019) and initiate change of status, in the hope that my petition be approved in time for my employment start-date with Deloitte (approx. Jun’2019) 

  • 2. I ask Deloitte to process my change of status right now. I am not sure if this petition will require a graduation-letter from my business-school, or if it can be processed using my previous Masters degree in Computer Science, which is in line with what I’ll be doing at Deloitte (Tech Strategy Consulting). Or do these academic nuances even matter, considering I am cap-exempt and am filing for a change-of-status? 

Not sure which is a safer option, and would take lesser processing time, especially since premium processing has been terminated.

Any advise on this would be appreciated.


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