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I gave H1B interview in the month of March-2018 at Hyderabad consulate office and it was refused with white slip of 221g by tick marking further administrative processing field. He gave passport and all documents to me. It’s almost 4 months over but still am seeing the same status when I track with my application number.  Can you please suggest me is there any possibility to get response from them?

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Even I am sailing in the same boat. Please let me know if you have contacted embassy.
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Hi, my 221g is cleared. finally I got my passport stamped last week after submitting passport at embassy. We just need have patience. Here is the story-
1. Attended interview on 29 March 2018
2. It got refused with 221 g white paper stating further administrative processing required
3. 28 September 2018 I have received mail from embassy for asking passport
4. I submitted next day only passport, 221g and mail copy then it got stamped within 4 days

Now I have h1b visa and planning to travel and my visa is getting expired in July 2019.

Hope it helps you guys

Mine was IN-Houz. so any chances.

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