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Hi All,

My case seems complicated to me..as below and need your urgent advice-

1- Came to US in March 18 with company B (Why B will tell you later in next point)

2- Worked for Company B till April, as he was not following his offer letter ,salary dates and other promises and was giving me threatening to revoke H1B so left in first week of April 18 .
3- Company C filed my case in normal(april first week) and ask me to join from second week . So started working on reciept.

4- I94 at airport was issued till July 18 so decided to continue with company C.

5- Got good offer from one of reputed Indian vendor(say company D) and decided to  switch but petition got  

     RFE due to  bridge petition pending for adjudication of company C.

6- To respond bridge petition  RFE submitted company A I797 (approved till june 18).

7- This company D petition got approved without extension but HR & manager of this company D asked me to join on petition which was approved but the extension was denied which was hided from me.

7- Since I was working under H1B portability rule..so next 180 days I was okay and was legal to work.

8- Worst part this company D manager never told me that he did not get the H1B extension in my case and tricked me to leave my company C and join D as full time to work for his same client.

9- Now out of status and going for re-stamping....so want to know about my luck for re-stamping success..in India.

Quick response will be really appreciated as I am in deep trouble here.
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