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Me and My husband just applied for tourist visa of my parents and my sibling. My Husband is on H1B and me on H4. he was sponsoring them for all their expenses. Including ticket,there Stay and other expenses to.

My parents had all his document which include.

Copy of H1B Approval  
Copy of passport (of both of us) 
Employment Letter  
Copy of last three bank statements  
Bank Account verification letter  
Copy of last three salary Statements  
Copy of last two years Tax returns. 

Question asked to my parents and my school going sibling 

Que: What is purpose for visit?  
Ans: to visit some tourist place and to meet my daughter and son in law

Que: How many children you have?

Ans: Our Daughter stays in USA and other daughter who is doing her study.

Que: Do you have any grandchildren?

Ans: no

Que: (to my sibling) Have you took leave to your school?

Ans: No not yet. 

Que: (to my mother) do you work?

Ans: No I am housewife. 

Que: Any relatives there in USA?

Ans: No.

Que: On which Visa your son in law is stay in USA?

Ans: H1.

Que: On which Visa your daughter is stay in USA?

Ans: H4.

Que: (to My father) are you doing service ?

Ans: yes.

Que: (to My father) which service you do?

Ans: Insurance agent.

Que: (to my father) Since how long you are doing?

Ans: 7 year back i started.

this are all their questions and they not asked for any document and visa rejected under 214B section. Can you please Suggest what is went wrong in above interview.

Now next time when I am going to apply I am going to Apply just for my mother. What will be the best time and what reason should I present. 

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you can apply immediately again, no time frame is there between applications.

Potential rejection reason could be no having good ties back to India for your parents/sibling. A permanent job for parents, long standing business, fixed assets etc are some reasons of tie back to the home country for the tourists. Immigration officer must believe that these applicants would return in time.
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Two events influenced the decision to reject: age of your sibling and the job that your dad does. 'Insurance agent' implies that he is an independent contractor and not employee of the company. Is that true? Also how old is your sibling and what is her present occupation (student, job etc)? And if she is a student, when is the trip planned for and for how long? Disruption of an academic year is highly suspicious unless the trip is for 2-3 weeks or less.

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