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I need your urgent help and guidance. My H1 was approved in 2017 and I started working for company A.

My company received Notice of Intent to Revoke (NOIR) few months back and after that I changed my employer and started to transfer my H1 through new employer B. 

Now while my transfer is going on the old petition got revocation notice from USCIS. As bad news generally come in bundle, just came to know that current project will be over in another month. 

Now what are my options after a month? Is it possible to go back to India and apply for transfer from another company or for another client through the same company?

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1) Clearly understand the NOIR reasons for your company A petition. If there is something around you(not around your Company A), such reasons may haunt you further. Fix them first.

2) After a month, if you get any RFE for Company B petition, if such RFE involves your current client related info, you may be in trouble. If not, you may be safe.

3) Yes
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