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Can anyone share any experience of getting their application approved this late or if they received an RFE? I have received two email from the USCIS in past 2 months stating "we are still reviewing your application and there is no update for you", anyone knows what this means?

Application Center - California

Filling Date - April-1-2018

Quota - Regular

Application Type - Regular (non-premium)
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Mine is also case was received. I am checking the status daily and no change. when they will approve. Is it before oct before H1b starts from oct 2018..
Same here. Just says it's been received.
Mine is also the same case
Mine is also is in same satatus
Any call directly to USCIS will trigger system update on your case. That would make your case to the last in queue. Please dont contact USCIS directly. They have mentioned clearly that time duration will be 3.5 to 7.5 months. That duration would put cut off by 31st dec. Please hold till then. Thanks
Did someones case approved in near time by chance ? My case has no status update so far .
Update: I got RFE during the first week of November but I've got "amazing" lawyers representing me and they wanna take all the 3 months to prepare the response *sigh*. So soon they'll reply back to the RFE and we'll see how long it take for USCIS to reply.

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Hey ,I  too  have same condition. Ask your attorney to get update from USCIS.
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Hey, thank you! I will ask them to do the same.
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Hi, did you have any update? I am having the same issue.
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Same here , do you have any update
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hey, I am also in the same boat , have you got any update
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My case changed to name updated status, with out any RFE.
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My case picked up on May 1st , 2018 . Still in case received Status .
Are you from India ?
Yes, applied from India, for me from case received status changed to name updated on August 21, still awaiting for the updates.
Yes I too from india
still mine is also is in same status
So your case also falls under "we updated your name for your Form I-129, Petition for a Nonimmigrant Worker"
am not sure , what it means by "we updated your name for your Form I-129, Petition for a Nonimmigrant Worker" ?
Guys , if someone has a status change in there petition please do post here , we all are waiting eagerly , so we would be optimistic our petition status as well changes soon .
:) Good luck!
Mine is h4 to h1b change of status..Still the status on USCIS website is "Case was received". Any one with latest update?

Haven't seen any change in status post April 2018. It is still the same.
check the status in https://myaccount.uscis.dhs.gov/ for latest updates
I am already tracking through myaccount as well .The status is the same.
my  petition status didnt change yet ? Did anyone's so far who filed from India especially ?
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30 percent application for cap 2019 still have pending status as per many attorneys. Its not recommended to contact USCCIS. Please wait Dec 31st. Before that all should be clear. Thanks
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Thanks for the stats. I was planning to travel outside of US in Dec; so do you know what are the chances for a status update by November?
Very high chances, infact highest probability is till Octuber end
This is a little comforting in this stressing situation. Thanks
it's already January still we don't have any updates
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Mine is also the same case... H1B was picked up in May but still the Status is "Case was received"
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on the same boat ! my petition picked up on may 1st and still in received state!
dont know whats going to happen ...
Same here. I got receipt notice on May 22nd and it still shows 'Case was received'.
hmm ..any immigration experts here , who can throw some light by probably when we can see a status update on the current H1B ? the usually 6 months period for processing is crossed and still there is no status in change .
I got in touch with an H1-B immigration attorney yesterday and he said we may have to wait until February. That is the maximum period he estimated, we may get approvals before that as well.
thanks for the news!
hoping for the best .
It's Jan 27th already. Any status update for anyone?
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Any recent news , did someone case got approved in near time ?
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My case also shows “case was received” no updates as of now.
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UPDATE: I got my H1B approved today. Stay strong people
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cheers! good luck !
Was there an RFE and later it got approved  ? or approved directly .
Please let us know as my case has an RFE as of now .

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