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Hi All,

Below is my history of visa and travel in US and need your inputs further continuing in US as it will be 6 years in total by this year December.

04/2010 to 10/2013 - L1B - Petition X - Employer A, Visa expired when returning to India.
Now I went outside US due to work assignment in India.
04/2015 - H1B -  New petition from Employer B, Selected in Lottery and approved - Employer B, but never worked due to project unavailability. While filing this application, beneficiary was in India.
05/2016 - L1B - Petition Y - Employer A (New L1B visa interview stamping and approved)
07/2016 - 12/2017 - L1B - Petition Y - Employer A (Re-enter to USA again with Employer A)
01/2018 - till date - H1B - Petition Z (valid 12/2018) - Employer C ( here Employer C used my unused H1B petition to transfer)
So after re-enter to US in 2016, I have spent only 2 years. Now need a clarification that, I am eligible to stay another 4 years or I should have approved I140 to further extend my visa?
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Hi Saurabh,

Appreciate if you can check this and update.

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