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Please provide your thoughts on the below 

1) Employer A filed H1B petition in 2017 lottery. Case of selected in lottery and approved after RFE. 
2) I went for H1B stamping and got stamping done in 2017. 
3) Same Employer A filed new LCA for different location and filed H1B petition with new LCA in Feb, 2018. 
4) After getting receipt notice for new H1B, I moved to USA and has been working at new location. 
5) RFE was received for new petition in May, 2018. Employer A is in process of responding to RFE. 
6) I got job offer from Employer B and they are willing to file new H1B petition. 

Can Employer B file H1B petition while current H1B location change petition from Employer A is under RFE? 
Will there be be any delay for Employer B premium processing petition?

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i am in the same boat. Pls mail me if you get any reply @ [email protected]

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