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Hi All,

I have a valid H1b visa stamped by employer A and I left that employer as I was not getting onsite opportunity there. Now, I got my petition approved with another employer B. Can I travel to USA with A's valid visa and B's petition. I have never been in the USA. I will be my first travel.

Your help is highly appreciated.
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     Congrats for the H1-B approval. I would suggest not to travel with Employer A's visa stamping as it is against to H1-B Visa Rules. You can talk to your current employer (B) and get the all supported documents to make a Visa stamp appointment.

I know most of the people suggest to travel with previous employer's Visa, but it's illegal and you are abusing the system. If the INS didn't notice your Visa stamp properly you will get a chance to enter into the USA. But if they identify you are no longer with your previous employer then they will send you back (deport). So my suggestion is to keep the system clean and try to get stamped for your most recent employer.

Thank you so much Varun for the answer.
Yes. I went for restamping with my new employer B and got 221g for client letter. There is very less chance to get client letter as the end client is not ready to provide it. The client's point is that I have not joined them so how they can provide client letter in my name.

Here, one more point I would like to add that employer B is just a consultancy with which my h1b transfer is approved.I haven't Employer B yet as this employment is only for USA. Employer B had clearly told me that I can join them only when my restamping is done with them.

Now, please guide me what all options I should try to be in the US.

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