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Hi All,

I have been working in US from past 2 years,

1st year I was working for Company A as consultant in a client location. My H1 Visa from company A is still valid till Sep 2018

After one year I shifted to Company B & started working as Full time Employee for a reputed firm in USA. I have got my approved I797A copy from company B after my H1 Transfer, which is approved till Sep 2020.

Now I need to go to India for 2 week visit in July. Due to my H1 transfer, I need to get it stamped before I return to US. For which I filled up my DS160, and when taking appointment it did not prompt me for any DropBox, but asked me to schedule appointment at consulate

As my initial H1 is also valid till Sep 2018. I should be eligible for dropbox, But not sure why I was asked for VISA interview at consulate. Could somebody explain after H1 transfer to different company  Do we need to go for in-person Stamping, since my initial H1 with previous employer is also Valid till sep 2018. Have the Policies changed ?

I did take appointment at Chennai. But was wondering if I did any mistake in filling up DS160. since I have only confirmation page of my DS160 & did not save a copy of DS160 while filling. I cannot review the same now.

Also Can I fill up new DS160 again & take a fresh appointment now. Please Suggest.

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     Dropbox or On-Site Interview doesn't make difference except saving your time for travel. But if they realize droxbox application requires more evaluation then they might ask you to come for in-person interview.
So if you didn't see the Dropbox option then you need to go-ahead and book the appointment. Thanks

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You do not need to re-stamp your H1 visa, if you already have a valid H1 from your previous employer. You can use your previous employer H1B stamp along with your newly transfer approved  I797 to re-enter USA. You may use the previous employer visa, until it expires in Sep 2018.  If you want to have it stamped to be on the safe side, you need to go for an interview, as drop box is only for expired visas.

Your answers in the consulate site might be guiding you to go for an in person interview... one of which might be an unexpired visa.
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Hi, I can see there are different opinions regarding this situation and most of the people try to do the same by travelling based on the previous approved Visa. But this is a major mistake and one should abide to the H1-B Visa rules inorder to make the process smooth. The rule says "Visa Holder should always maintain proper employer details with corresponding amendments if there is any work location change".

There are cases where people deported back by taking this option where INS called the employer (as per stamped Visa) and realized that it's not up-to-date. So please try to keep the H1-B system more transparent and avoid any chance of abuses which might ultimately put the whole Visa category in trouble.

Thanks for understanding the importance of keeping the system clean.
There is nothing dirty about the process. It was our company immigration attorney who suggested that I can use that until it expiry along with the approved petition. I traveled as suggested by her around 3-4 times, unless things changed over the last year. The original transfer approved petition will tell the immigration officer your current employer details, so even when they call up your employer, everything would match up with the system. Without the transfer approved petition, you cannot use the previous employer stamped visa for re-entry.

As always, there is no harm in getting it stamped again, only that it is waste of time and money if your paying out of your pocket.
Thanks @varun80 @ramanan256 for the generous reply.

Also just have one question,
Can I fill another DS160 & take a new appointment while I already have one appointment scheduled. Just wanted to make sure I dont get 221g because of some errors while filling DS160 & updating in ustraveldocs website.

Also want to check If I could get dropbox.

Awaiting for your reply. Thanks

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