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I want to sponser visa for my parents to visit me.I am currently working in opt status and it expires in September 2018.can I sponsor visa to parents when my status in opt?If so what are the documents I need to provide them?please suggest.

Thank you.
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2 Answers

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F1 class individuals should avoid sponsoring visitors. Your parents should show documents that indicates their financial strength to support their ability to travel and stay in the US. Evidence of health insurance is also needed.
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It is better for them to show their bank documents to state that they are financially able to support the travel. You can bring them for your graduation. They will have no issue to grant visa for parents to attend your graduation.
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That's correct. You can have the Financial Affidavit by showing that they are eligible to support the travel/accommodation needs. I have seen so many students sent their Graduation Ceremony invitation to their parents and got the visa approved without any issues.