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Hi. I had been working in US for almost a year on H1B until I came back home for vacations. I needed to get the stamping done. I scheduled an interview and during the interview the VO gave me a 221(g) white slip and told me that it seems that my employer has reached the maximum allowed beneficiaries. I didn't know that employers have quotas like that. The following day I received the following message:

‚ÄčIt appears that the Petitionary has already hired the maximum number of beneficiaries allowed.  Please speak to your company about this.  You will likely need an updated petition.  Until we have an updated petition that shows that there is a position available for you in the U.S., we will be unable to issue your visa.."

I work for a well-known and reputable company in US. I don't know what to get out of this. Has anyone else seen this before? 

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