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Hello All,

I was born in India. My family moved to Pakistan when I was 6 years old.

When I was fourteen,  my parents applied for my passport in Pakistan. They listed my place of as Pakistan. It was much easier to get the Pakistani passport if they listed my place of birth as Pakistan. All they had to do was provide a couple of affidavits that I was born in Pakistan.

I came to the US on that Pakistani passport with the place of birth listed as Pakistan. And then I got my green card and my US citizenship based on the "fact" that I was born in Pakistan.

I now have a US Passport with the place of birth as Pakistan.

How can I change my US Passport to reflect the correct place of birth - India?

Happy to invest time and money to make this right.

Thanks for the help

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2 Answers

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Is that a misrepresentation? Authorities can take it in the right spirit , and you may find yourself on ground zero .
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This is not a major problem. You will need proof of your birth in India. Usually it is a municipal corporation entry, it is a very badly maintained system of records but available. This DOB proof then must be presented at the time of passport changes to US Dept of State. They will correct the record.
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