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My H1B extension got rejected yesterday, and today the attorney told me he got the rejection letter. my H1B expired already...

My extension got RFE 3 months ago, and now get rejected!!!

I bought a house last year, right now I am confused, should I leave this country? my PD is Nov 2014...

my attorney told me because this is my 2nd-time extension, and my salary level remains at the same level -

10/1/2012 got H1B wage level 2;

4/2014 transfer to current position level 2

4/2015 1st-time H1B extension, level 2, expires 5/2018...

10/2017 2nd-time extension, got RFE on March, same position, same job, same level 2 salary LCA...

Is this a valid reason? I have worked for the same company, the same boss... should jump to a higher salary earlier?

is there any way other than applying for a school right now? my H1B expired, my I94 expired, should I leave this country right now, and apply for another H1B through Tata?
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