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Hello i am Dannilla.  My visa application have been denied under the 221 g act. They says its undergoing administrative processing and they will call or email me when they are ready to proceed with my case.  I have no clue as to whats going on. Its a J1 visa for a job in the U.S. my arrival date is June 27 2018. I'm lost
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INA 221(g) is not a denial - it is simply the absence of some information or need for further verification of stated facts. If you have not been asked for anything, then USCIS is verifying information about your sponsor or employer.
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Thanks alot because am confused. But thats what the paper says your application for a non-immigrant visa has been denied under section 221 g of the United States immigration and nationality act. Your case is now pending futher actions for the reason (s) indicated below.
✔ your visa application requires additional administrative processing.  We will contact you as soon as we are ready to proceed with your case.

Then they took my passport and my DS-2019 its a pink paper.