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Hi Guys,

I wanted to know how long will it take after picked up in 2019 H1b lottery . Did any one received visa approval after receiving receipt notice for lottery pickup. Please share your thoughts and status. I saw some case approved in the tracker but there are few cap exempt status as well. I wanted to know people started receiving approval after lottery pickup .

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You heard anything? I am still waiting. No news
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I am also waiting from last one month, no RFE/Approval.

I am getting error while checking status with my receipt number in USCIS website, don't know when they will update status.
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Even same for me I got my receipt on may 7 till now i am getting validation error , i checked with my employer still status not updated .
Please register as guest account in USCIS and check the status.

My status is still pending for approval.
Please  send me link  guest account in USCICS..

I have check the status in the given link its showing the below status .

May 7, 2018
We received your case
Read the notice we mailed you for more information about how we will process your case

We will begin processing your case and will review it to make sure you have submitted all of the required information and documents. We will let you know if we need anything else from you.

If you do not receive your notice by June 06, 2018, send us a case inquiry and select that you did not receive your notice by mail.

If your mailing address changes, update your address with us.
For me also it shows same.
Probably they will start processing month end / next month.

Keep checking status .. update me if your status
I will let you know if there is any change in my status.
Hi,i got H2b visa from the employer.but the employer asks me 300$.no problem about 300$ but how can i make sure?
And i make the interview but the interview asks me approval of petition i-129.what does it means and how can i get it.
The employer sends to me only the visa confirmation.
What should i do?
Please help to me
My STEM OPT is valid through June 2019. My H1b got picked and the online case status is 'Case Received'. The immigration attorney also doesn't have any update for me. I FEEL my HR/immigration attorney are not being proactive in communicating any information to me.

My wedding is arranged in December 2018 for which I need to travel to India.

1. What are my chances of getting an RFE at this point?
2. What is the time frame that I should expect the decision (in case there is no RFE).
3. Will Consular processing help here?

Please let me know if there are other alternatives for me to travel in December.
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My case status hasn't changed from 'Received' since April. My petition is pending with the California WAC. 
I would like to travel outside the country in December. What will be the implications if petition is still pending?

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