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recieved the h1b 2019 receipt number, but when checking for its status online, its giving error message, saying receipt number not recognised. Is anyone facing same issue or aware of why its giving this message
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i am also facing the same error , i want to know by when it will get resolve   ,Please can any one let me know thanks
Hi Friends,
   Any updates on validation issue, is it showing status to any one? Please share if any one status updated from error..
Hi Ramvijay.
Last week , I have contacted the immigration for the status update ,in reply they have give the below updates.

Due to the large volume of cases the USCIS does not update their website as frequently as they used to and we have unfortunately not been able to get USCIS to correct these issues as it is their process and not ours. Please allow some time for the website to update and try tracking your status again. Additionally, you may wish to create a USCIS account and track your case this way as we have seen some employees have more success tracking their case this way.
Any updates on this issue. Now September month also completed. Still it showing same validation errors. It almost more than 3 months over since i received it.
Has anyone status got moved further from validation error?

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Me and my few other friends are also waiting for the same. Got receipt notices and no updates in uscis website. As per my attorney sources, "California Service Center" data entry work is not completed for new H1's and came to know that, It will update by July mid.

Please be patience to get actual status online from uscis website.

All the best. Thank you.

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Thanks for sharing the details....Will wait and see how it goes ...Was bit worried but now as you said, can relax a bit... :)
I'm also seeing the error and worried about it, now as per this post i think it might be still the online update issue. Thanks!!
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Has anyone status got moved further from validation error to actual status ....
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Hi ,  I am also facing the same issue. Please share if anyone  status updated from validation error.
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Hi Friends,
   Any updates on validation issue, is it showing status to any one? Please share if any one status updated from error..

Thank You.

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Hey guys. Its already october. Any updates or error still showing? I am waiting on mine too. Got receipt number in May and validation error since then.
Hi Everyone,
     Any updates? - is anybody got approved or clanged status from validation error?
Hi Vijay .

Till there is no updates on approval only thing which i can see is my case status its showing case been received these i can on 1 oct 2018 after there is no update did you have any update on it .... any one has any updated  on H1B 2018 process please let us know thanks in advance ....
Hi Mustakha2,

 Thank you for updates.But My end having same validation issue. More worrying on this .When i can see the status at least in US Portal :).
Hi Friends, Anybody have updates?
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Hi Friends,  Any updates?
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