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Hi All, I am on H4 Visa and my husband is on H1B. We are inviting my parents from India to visit us in USA as I am expecting a baby. While filling DS160 it ask for Flight details and stay details. Is it required to book the tickets earlier before even we apply for the Parents Visa. In Stay  details I can provide my US address but flights we were thinking we should book once we have parents visa approved. Please suggest what is the best thing to do whether book tickects in advance or later once Visa gets approved.

thanks !!
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Congratulations on the upcoming event for the family, I am sure your parents are looking forward to being with you. The DS160 is seeking information on flight path and this can be obtained from any airline if you have decided which route your parents should take - such as via Heathrow, London, via Frankfurt, Germany, via DeGaulle, Paris, France or direct to New York / New Jersey. This much detail can be provided without actually booking a flight. Booking a flight does not increase visa approval chances and there is no need.
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