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currently under H4 with 5.5 years of IT experience.planning for 1 yr EMBA/MBA.Please suggest where to start n how to approach.I am in not interested towards techinically which is the reason am not desired towards MS. I would like to go in management side. So please suggest me how to approach.  I have been under H4 from past 17 months.
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If you are looking something like 1st day CPT.
Its not a legal advise. I was searching something similar and approached them and they sent me bunch of course details.

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Depending on your interests, you can look at few schools that offer 1 year programs. One of the most popular one is Kellog's MBA : http://www.kellogg.northwestern.edu/programs/full-time-mba/one-year-mba-program.aspx

You need to check at the requirements in such school and then take required tests like GMAT and then apply for admission. You can directly speak to the school and get guidance as well and understand how their school is different from others.
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