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I recieved email today to submit passport after my 221 g , do i need to submit all documents again with passport for my B1. I have already submitted all documents on email last month.
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On 21st May 2018, my Visa status changed to "Issued". I have received an email from UStraveldocs that passport is returned to Mumbai Trade center. Will collect the passport tomorrow from trade center.

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Please submit only what has been asked. And congratulations on your approval
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Thanks for reply, i have submitted passport today at Mumbai drop box... Will keep posted  on further progrees in my case
I checked my visa status today ..it still shows AP however case updated date shown is 18th May 2018.
Hello Sir,

I received my passport today, however i got visa valid for only one year. Can somebody tell me why?

I am really confused.
B1 visas are issued with validity of 6 months, 1 year, 5 years and 10 years. The validity is calculated based on a formula that uses the stated purpose of your B1 and your age. You are an immigrant risk if you are age 21 and you are less of a risk at age 61.
Hello Sir,
I am in mid 30's, married , working in an IT company as a QA, what risk factor they have calculated for my Visa?
Just FYI, i am working on project which is related to Forensic Science identification of Human. Did this factor have caused the effect of giving less duration Visa, because i read on this forum any thing related to Chemistry , Science, Research is considered as Technical Alert and can result for Denial of visa or Visa for only one year.
Your valued reply is appreciated.
Thanks in Advance

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