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I applied for change of status from H4 to F1 in April 2017. And while waiting for the decision, I started my school in August 2017. My I 94 was valid only till August 2017 and I didn’t file extension becuase change of status was pending to avoid last action rule problems. In Feb2018, when I was in middle of second semester, change of status got denied mentioning that I should not study while I94 being expired even though change of status is pending. I left to India immediately to get F1 stamping. I gave three attempts and it got rejected.

Now, I want to apply for new H4 and go on H4 and file for change of status to F1 again to complete rest of the studies on F1 so that i will be eligible for OPT. What are the chances of approval this time considering the past denials and rejections?
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