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My wife has an approved H1 and working with the client. My daughter is studying in school in US. We went to India for a vacation and when she went for stamping she was put under 221g green slip - administrative processing. It been more than 100 days but still in Administrative processing. I have following questions: 

1. Can we apply for h4 without withdrawing h1 application?

2. Will there be any problem in getting H4 visa? Will h4 go to Administrative processing as well? 

Was anybody in similar situation before? 


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The reasons for H-4 should be made very clear. Your wife has to be where your daughter and husband are - it is an issue of family unification. H-4 can be applied for without withdrawing H-1B petition.
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Thank you for the reply, do you or any of your friends have similar experience? We are just not sure what to mention in Ds-160
Hi Chintan,

Could you please confirm how did you proceed on this ? I am exactly in same situation, h1b in 221g pending bu i have approved h4 so want to travel to US on H4.Should i withdraw h1b application ? Thanks

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