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I work for employer  A and got an offer from employer B and working with the law firm appointment by them to to file my H1B transfer. Later I got an another offer form employer C which I feel  better than employer B so before they file my H1B I informed employer B that I am not going to proceed with them and closed it out.  Now employer C told me the law firm they use for immigration and it is the same law firm used by employer B.  In this case even though I stopped my processing before filing my H1b with employer B will the law firm share that information to employer C that I worked in parallel with another employer?  Is it common for the law firms to share such information or they keep it confidential to the client.
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You are not the confidentiality key here but your companies are. Company C is protected from Company B via independent attorney - client privileges. As both companies are clients; all client data is protected and confidential including information on their workers. Attorney can attract debarment for violating this rule.
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Thanks for you response.  So there is no way attorney law firm will let know the other employer about my case with another employer.  I was worried as the website portal is same.  Thanks again.

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