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Hi All,

My H1b was approved post RFE response based on evaluation report which is a combination of non technical 3 years bachelor degree which is not related to the field of work (IT) and 10 years of work experience in IT , would there be any objection from VO to issue the visa? or what are my chances of having the visa issued?.
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RFE response document must be carried by you when going for stamping interview. Do not present these, simply talk about it when asked. An objection by officer is to be expected but you have already crossed that bridge with the RFE response. To be presented another RFE along the same subject line is very rare.
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Hi Shankar,
Thanks for the quick response, I just have one question, during the interview if VO questions about how I am qualified for the position should I just say "Based on my work experience and the roles and responsibilities or Based on the evaluation report "?.
"Based on work experience and presently assigned roles and responsibilities" - You must appear very confident when answering this. You are the technical expert who knows his job and not the VO.
Your idea for for the answer sounds great! Thank you Shankar.

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