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Hello All,

I need advise with regards to my wife's travel back to USA.

My wife traveled to India while my H1B visa extension is in progress. My I94 is already expired and I received an RFE on my CASE.  

She has a return ticket in May, I know by that time I won't get H1B approval, so she won't be able to travell on H4.

Is she will be able to travel on B1/B2, which is already approved 5 years back and still valid untill 2021?
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The B1/B2 is a travel document but she does run a risk of her stay being restricted; officers are known to give a short order I-94 stamp sometimes valid for 30 to 90 days. You can always work on extensions once she is here. I suggest all our readers not to make such risky travel arrangements specially when approvals are awaited. All efforts become useless when families get separated this way.
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