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My PERM is filed on 2nd April'2018 and my H1B is getting max out on 15th July'2018.  As per current processing time I believe my PERM may not be approved before my H1B gets expired. My wife is currently on F1 VISA.

I have following queries.

1.  I am planning to move to F2 VISA when my H1B is getting expired but F2 processing time is around 4 months so can stay in US on F2 receipt ?

2.  Should I fully use my H1B period(till 15th July) or should i keep few days on my H1B so I can use it to extend it  if my I140 is approved ?

2.  Can I extend my H1B on F2's receipt if my I-140 is approved?

3.  What are the chances of F2 approval considering my immigration petition(PERM/I-140)  is pending ? 

4. I live in California. Can I renew my driver's license on F2's receipt?

5. My company is very small (less than 10 people) but my pay is well above wage Level 4 and I have 10+ years of experience.  Will it be difficult to prove their ability to pay if I am not working when my I140 application is submitted while I am staying on F2?

I would really appreciate your help in this matter.


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