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I got a 221g on my approved petition with client A, it has been 100 days now, have not received any response, meanwhile my h1 amendment with client B has been approved

Can i go for restamping on this new approved petition.
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Can you please suggest?

I have 2 approved H1B petitions from A and B ( both are fresh H1B petitions).

I have already attended first approved petition interview and got 221g white slip saying admin process need.(It's been almost 100 days over)

and no update still now.I have called my employer and he said

"NO, you can forget it Once you got 221g, there is no chance these days" and now iam loosing my hopes.

Now i have another approved petition ( employer B) and they are asking to take my documents and attend the interview .

Can i attend the interview during my first one (employer A) is pending with 221g?

Can any one please share your thoughts? It may cause for any thing?

Can you reply to [email protected]com
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