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I have valid L1 Visa till May2018( 2months from now). we are planning to apply L2 dependent visa for my wife. Since i do have only 2 months validity, will it get rejected.

i have been in US 2.6 years and my company has filed my extension. Thanks.
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Yes, she may. Please also let her have a copy of your L1 extension receipt notice, as a proof that you have applied for extension.  She will most likely be given a visa until May 2018 and the immigration at POE will also stamp the same.

But I would suggest that you get your extension approved and let her have the visa stamped. Otherwise, you will have to apply for her L2 extension as soon as she lands or within May 2018.
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Thanks Ramanan. i wanted to bring my family during their vacation in April & May. As you suggested, i will apply visa extension once they landed.

Appreciated your help.