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Hi Admin,Friends,

I need urgent help.

OFC : MAR-07 

VISA Interview : MAR-08 

I got 221(g) slip at the end of my interview and VO asked me to track on CAES website using the case number on 221(g) slip.

When I try to track my case online, details populated are little-bit different,

It shows CASE CREATED DATE as "MAR-06" - The fact is I have no work/appointment with Chennai Consulate on MAR-06. I am not sure why its showing case created "MAR-06" , it should be MAR-07 as my OFC date.

If anyone have received 221(g) can confirm if they have CASE CREATED DATE matching their OFC date Or something else ?

Really appreciate your help.

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1 Answer

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Hi, May I know the latest status on this. My case date is 6 days prior to my visa interview, and 2 weeks after my OFC date.
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