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Hi Folks,

I had attended the H1 B Visa interview at Hyderabad Consulate on 9th March18 with my spouse.

Visa officer had asked for the only document 1797 B  and asked the following questions as  

1.Where are you going? Answrd appropriately

2.Your Employer Name? Answrd appropriately

3.Address of the emloyer?Answrd appropriately

4.Direct or a Client?Answrd appropriately

5.Highest degree, - Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering

6.Salary/Annum - Answrd appropriately - Minimum Wages

I answered all the above questions approriately but he issued me a 221 (g) white slip with a check on box saying , Further Administrative processing is required. - (Passports Returned at the time interview).

I suspect that due to the questions 5&6, my degree and my salary are main reasons for getting the 221 g....

I would like to seek experts' opinions in this forums  as where things went wrong,

what are the current minimum wages in USA? 

 What are the chances of getting our visas approved, what should be my next course of action?

Please let me know - Thank you very much

Regards, KP

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