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My Employer Filed my Amendment for New Client  on Aug 14, 2017. After 2 months I received RFE for that. We submitted response for RFE on Jan 23,2018. Since my I94 is getting expired by Mar 25,3018 I filed extension of visa on Feb 23,2018.Receipt number is yet to get generated. My Extension Form has my new client details. Yesterday I saw in USCIS portal that my Amendment petition is denied. Below are the questions I have. I have applied extension for wife and kid along with me.

Since extension itself has new client details,is there no need for amendment processing for the same client?

Since my extension is in progress with my new client details,Can I still stay and work in my new work location even my Amendment is denied?

Is there any chances my extension in new location might get Denied?

If extension is getting denied by any chance,is there any possibility for me to stay in United states?

Please help me in clarifying this.
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Please let me know if you were able to work in US based on your H-1B extension receipt??
Or you have to return back to India
Yes I am staying in US based on extension receipt
Hi, can you pls tell me if your denied amendment, and extension that was filed for same new client ? I’m in similar situation, so pls help me to understand. Thx for your help !
Can you please let me know the update on this.i am.sailing on the same.issue
I am also in the same boat. My H-1B amendment got denied after RFE and my extension is in progress. Both H-1B amendment and extension were filed based on my current client.

Can you update please?
Any update on your case?
I have exactly same situation.
Amendment denied
Extension applied for new client.
I94 expired

Not sure if I can stay or need to travel back

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