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Hi Ram/3rd timer,

H1b(with COS) was approved on Jan 18th, 2018. My employer(Consultancy) informed me that client has recently changed their company policy that not to take H1B holders. So now am searching for jobs outside. Almost 30 days was over in H1b without payroll still, only 30 days left to get into payroll.

1. Please let me know in this situation shall I leave to the home country and look for an employer who can transfer my h1b. Is that possible or it will be a problem for my H1b?

(Note: I aware that if I leave the US, will lose my COS status)

 2. What are the documents required for h1b transfer?

3. How many days will it take for approval of H1b transfer nowadays?

4. My employer is partially helping me to find jobs for me. If I try to leave the US, whether need to inform my employer properly that am going to find a job in my home country or shall I leave without informing to the employer.

 Thank you. Please help me in this critical situation.
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