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Hi all,

Mine is the same situation i applied for F1 visa got rejected
Applied for F1 visa interview on Nov 2018 and i got married on October 2017

 I went for F1 student visa on 20 Nov 2018 i had updated my martial status as single and my visa was rejected.

Now i am applying for F1 student visa again should i show as married or single? for my next interview

If i show as married wont VO question me and ask why did i state single? for the previous one how do i convince him?

Will there be rejections if show as married to single in the DS160?

Kindly suggest

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You should show your current status, which is married. You cannot state wrong facts.  Well, you need to have a valid answer to convince them why you put it like that.  Think of why you missed it, it could be as simple as when you registered for visa interview online you were single and you missed to create a new DS-160...I do not know the reality. You need to state the fact or say it is an honest mistake, you do not have to make a story to hide your mistake and get into more trouble.   

Your F1 visa is not based on your married status, it is based on your ability to study, support yourself, schools credibility, etc. So, focus on general things about F1 student.
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