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My I-94 expired on 09/19/2017 and my I-129 was filed on 08/07/2017. Now I have got an RFE. Details are:


I-94 Expired date: 09/17/2017

H1 Extension filing date: 08/07/2017

H1 filing type (Normal/Premium): NORMAL

RFE issued date:12/14/2017

Case Status (Approval/Denial/Pending): PENDING

Online Current Message: Request for Additional Evidence was Mailed


Following are my queries:

1) My current H1B/I-94 is expired. H1B Extension is filed by Company A. USCIS has raised an RFE for it. Can I transfer my H1B to Company B? 

2) Can I join Company B on H1 transfer receipt? Or should I wait till I get the approval.

3) What happens If I joined Company B and if Company A (current) H1 extension is denied?

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Did you join company b when you had rfe on company a extension?

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