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My wife F1 visa got denied 3 times (twice in Dec 2017 and 1 time in Jan 2018) for Spring 2018 . She applied to only one university(ULL) located in my place. VO asked why she applied for only one university, but she never mentioned that she got married because for first 2 times in DS 160 she mentioned status  as Single and 3rd time as Married. She has highlighted about university and her assistantship but was denied and has received 214(b) . We are worried about the situation whether to apply F2 visa or try F1 visa next semester. I want to bring my wife on F2 and then transfer to F1. What are chances for F2 visa for this situation and with what gap should we apply visa?

Please help us. Thanks in advance.
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Hi, what did you do? Did she get through during next interview? I’m in a similar situation.
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