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I was picked in the visa lottery last April 2017. My agency told me that my pettion was approved by the end of Aug. 2017. They advised me to resign from work. Since then, i didn't get an update with my petition. When i asked them, they told my case is pending in USCIS and they're waiting for some documents from USCIS.

They can't even tell me if i got RFEd or something.

What happens to pending cases?

 They told me my petition was approved already, so how long do i still have to wait?

Is there a chance that my petition  might get rejected?

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1 Answer

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You can get the receipt notice number from them (they should have the receipt notice number as they told that you were selected in the lottery, if they don't have a receipt number then you were not picked in the lottery, also check for your name in the original receipt notice that your employer received, online you cannot see your name) and go check for yourself online.

Or go visit the employer office and have them show you the receipt notice with your name that you got picked and also the status on USCIS website in-person.
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