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Hello all. I had my visa interview for J1 y'day at Chennai consulate. I have an invite for a post doc research at the US. the interview was ok, at the end VO handed me a blue slip with "the application will be considered after necessary administrative process". I have to join the work on Jan 22. Hence I have to fly on Jan 19. Could anyone help me with this? The vo retained my passport with her and said it may take a week
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I wouldn't worry about it, new standard protocol requires a brief hold on all categories specially if you never held a visa for US before. Keep your host department informed on this delay and buy travel insurance on your ticket so that the date can be changed if needed. Approval rating on J-1 visas for postdoctoral assignments is 99.7%.
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Thanks much for the response. Any idea on the time frame? I ask this because vo took the passport and my DS form
You should get it this week. Let us know
Sure sir I will let you know

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