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I am in US, 

My H1b Visa valid till Nov 2018. My I-94 got reduced to Dec 2017 in my latest approved petition (I797A). I am applying for H1b Extension now, Dec 2017.

My H4 dependents have Visa and I-94 valid till Nov 2018

1. Does my I-94 reduction, impact H4 I-94?

2. Should I apply for H4 extension along with mine H1b Extension?

I appreciate, your time in reading and responding. Thanks

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No - I-94 admission document and the dates therein are legally upheld irrespective of primary applicant's I-94 status. This of course changes if the primary goes out of status, then all dependents will have their status compromised. This is not the case here.
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Hello. I am living in US on H1b and my wife is living with me on H4 status. We have been granted a 5 year visa when we first moved to US in 2014. Since last year was my petition expiration date. My company applied for my H1b and I filed for my wife H4. Unfortunately my wife was abroad (In Pakistan) at the time our lawyer filed for the petition. My H1B is approved and she received a H4 Intent to Deny letter stating that she was out of country at the time. Since our visa is still valid untill 2019 what should we do considering i got my petition approved till 2020. Is she supposed to leave the country and apply from Pakistan for a new visa?

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