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My spouse came to US on H4 in Apr 2013. 

  • She applied for her H4 to H1B Change of Status through a consultant while in US in Apr 2016 and got through the lottery.
  • She got her H1B approved on Mar 2017. However USCIS revoked her H1B on Oct 2017 as she could not continue
  • Her previous H4 based on my H1B is valid until Feb 2018

I have the following questions:

  1. What is her current Non-Immigration status and how to find the same?
  2. Does she fallback to H4 status automatically when her H1 is revoked?
  3. Do we need to file for her H1 to H4 Change of Status?  She never left US since applying her H1B?
  4. I'm filing for my H1B extension and her H4 extension through my employer. Is her previous H4 still considered valid and can we apply her H4 extension based on that?
  5. Do we need to submit any other forms besides what is normally submitted in the H4 extension?
Any help in this regard is highly appreciated
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