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I am filing DS 160 currently for my H1 visa this year. My sister is has also filed for her F1 visa and her visa appointment is on 11/30/17. I would file my DS 160  by 11/21/17.

My question is if they ask me any immediate relatives. What should I say? Yes? or No?

She is intending to travel(provided she get visa on January and I am planning to book an appointment on December)

Also, my parents have a visitor visa and they are not in USA currently. Do i need to mention that on the immediate relatives questions. Please let me know. Thank you.
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The question is clear - it asks if you have any relatives currently in the USA. Neither your parents nor your sister meet the criteria. Having a visa has little to do with physical presence. The answer is 'no'. Mostly the question is tracking green card and US citizen relatives for census purposes and is not an investigative question.

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